Why invest in Quality Tools?

Count on Quality and Depend on Carbide Processors to deliver it.

For over 30 years, Carbide Processors has been bringing you tools that will last you, as well as the kids and grandkids that you pass them down to, a lifetime of strength and durability.

You can spend a lifetime dumping money into cheap tools, or you can invest in tools that will last you a lifetime.  We believe that you shouldn’t just spend money on tools, but invest in quality tools that will last.

I was recently talking with a tool enthusiast who had mentioned that he just now had to repair his favorite pair of German made pliers that he had owned for over 20 years.  After a small repair, they still work good-as-new.

To make sure you’re getting a quality tool, it is important to look at the process.  Creating tools is truly an art.  What goes into the manufacturing process is very evident in the end result.  A Quality Tool will use a higher quality alloy with the steel to create optimum strength and durability. The way the tool is formed (whether it is machined, cast, or drop forged) can make a difference on the integrity of the tool and can affect the life.

We do our research on all the tools we sell to ensure we are only going to bring you the best tools.  Manufacturers like Wiha, Bondhus, and Wera take every step of the manufacturing process very serious and are meticulous about every little detail that goes into their tools.  Everything from the design of the handle to the tolerance and precision of the working parts.

Bondhus Tools use a special Protanium Steel alloy additive to make their tools gorilla tough.  All Bondhus tools are machined to the tightest tolerances ensuring the best fit, and reducing the chances of you stripping or breaking the fastener. Bondhus Tools are all finished with a chrome plated or Pro-Guard Finish to protect the tools and prevent corrosion and rust.

Both Wiha and Wera Tools are also made with a high quality steel additive to give you longest tool life.  Wera Tools are known for their innovative designs and comfortable handles, which have earned them several awards and make their tools ideal for repetitive jobs and industrial applications.

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