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Overpressuring Braze Joints

Tweet Wasting Money to Make Bad Saws Lately I have seen a great number of saw blades where braze alloy is being wasted.  Some of these are on custom-built and mil saws but it is also extremely common on factory … Continue…

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How Much Should Braze Alloy Flow

Tweet When brazing a half inch long carbide saw tip to a steel saw plate. The braze alloy flat should be 0.005” to 0.010” maximum with a half inch long tip   White bars The braze alloy should flow onto the … Continue…

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The Horny Teenagers Theory of Brazing

Tweet The Horny Teenagers Theory of Brazing  There is way too much braze alloy outside the joint or join. I looked at eight other sawblades from different manufacturers and this is a common problem.  As with any quality issue, if … Continue…

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Automatic Brazing

Tweet Automatic machinery isn’t I have just spent a couple of hours helping a gentleman in Canadawith a saw failure problem.   This is a sawmill and the shoulders are ripping off the saws. They are using a Kaehny automatic razor … Continue…

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Brazing or Silver Soldering Strength

Best braze alloys (silver solders) and flux for best tool strength Continue…

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How to Design Carbide Parts

Sample Parts Can Really Speed up a Project

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Brazing Procedures Specifications

An overview of brazing procedure considerations Continue…

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How to Buy Custom Carbide Parts

How to Buy Custom Carbide Parts. Prototype Parts Can Be an Excellent Investment

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How to Braze Tungsten Carbide – Surface Preparation

How to Braze Tungsten Carbide – Three methods of Surface Preparation Continue…

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How to Braze – Cold Joints

Cold fixtures can cause cold joints Continue…

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