Choosing the Right Collet

There are many different types of collets and it can be difficult to know which one you need to fit your machine.  The easiest way to find what type of collet you need to fit your machine is to measure the length and diameter of the collet.  Each Collet series has several different options for inside diameter, so that you can select the right collet to fit your needs and your router.

Take a look at the chart below for a quick reference on which collet you need.

Type of Collet

Collet Length

Collet Diameter (OD)

ER11 Collet 18mm (.708”) 11.5mm (.45”)
ER16 Collet 27.5mm (1.08”) 17mm (.67”)
ER20 Collet 31.5mm (1.24”) 21mm (.83”)
ER25 Collet 34mm (1.34”) 26mm (1.02”)
ER32 Collet 40mm (1.57”) 33mm (1.3”)
ER40 Collet 46mm (1.81”) 41mm (1.61”)
SYOZ 20 Collet 34mm (134”) 20mm (.78”)
SYOZ 25 Collet 52mm (2.06”) 35mm (1.38”)
TG 75 Collet 47mm (1.85”) 27mm (1.06”)
TG 100 Collet 60mm (2.36”) 35mm (1.38”)
SD-20mm-SHODA Collet 52mm (2.06”) 20mm (back side)
SD-C001-SHODA Collet 52mm (2.06”) 16mm (back side)
SS-22 SHODA Collet 40mm (1.58”) 22.5mm (.89”) OD
SD-C015 Collet 52mm (2.06”) 24mm (back side)


Using the right collet and making sure you check and change your collets regularly can play a critical role in how long your cutting tools last and their performance.  Collets are made from a softer metal that have slots in them that allow them to collapse and spring so that they grip the cutting tools tightly.  The collapsing and springing causes the collets to wear out, which can cause the tool holders and cutting tools to fail if the collets are not changed.  If you find scoring marks on the inside diameter of the collet can indicate that the tool was spinning in the collet and is a big indicator that the collet needs to be changed.  Collets should also be changed right away if you find any rust or pit.

When it is time to change those collets, shop with us and find the right collet at a great price.  Use the table above to find the right collet and click here to save on the collet you need.


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