For longer life out of your tool holders, think small…

For Safety and lengthening the life of your tool holders, think small…


Collet nuts may seem like a small thing, but they play a big role in keeping the tool holder accurate and balanced while machining.  Many manufacturers use bearing nuts with their collets.  The bearing nuts can be difficult to keep balanced and more prone to seizure if the seal fails because of all the moving parts (nut, bearing race, bearings).  Power Coat collet nuts are balanced and provide 75% more holding power on the tool shank, which can make them a better option as they provide increased accuracy and rigidity.  This increased rigidity and accuracy are especially important when machining side loads.  Using power Coat Collet nuts can also increase cutting tool life significantly.


Pull studs, or retention knobs, are another small but crucial safety component.  The pull stud, or retention knobs, maintain the connection between the spindle and tool holder.  If that connection fails, the tool holder will dangerously fly out of the spindle.  It is important to check the pull studs regularly for signs of wear, cracks or other damages to ensure that the toolholder safely stays in the spindle.


Keeping your tool holders, collet pocket, collet, and nut clean and properly maintained can go a long way in reducing premature wear of the tool holder and cutting tools.  These components are manufactured to perform within tolerances of .0001”.  When working with tolerances that tight, dust, dirt, oil, chips and other contaminants left on the spindle, taper, flange, collet and collet pocket or nut can cause runout and premature wear of the cutting tool, tool holder and spindle mouth.  Taking a few extra precautions and checking your CNC tooling parts can go a long way in keeping you and your expensive CNC Tooling parts safe.

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