Top 23 Reasons to Filter Coolant

Does Filtering Machine Coolant Really Matter?



Coolant Filtering Works 

It Saves You Money

 Filtering grinding coolant is just like filtering the oil in your car.  Dirty oil and dirty coolants wear out the equipment.

Increase Machine Life – save $2,000 to $8,000 per year  

The big advantage in clean coolant is that it protects the machine.  Dirty coolant can shorten machine life by 5% to 7% a year.   Saw and tool grinding generates a huge amount of very small, very abrasive particles.  These particles get into the coolant and then are sprayed all over.  These particles get into controls, cylinders, rods and bearings where they increase wear and reduce quality.   The CP 2002 removes particle down to one micron and removes them with incredible efficiency.

Particles per cubic centimeter: Unused coolant       Dirty coolant      Filtered coolant

11,885                  76,299,682     40,000 to 100,000

                                                                    96% to 99.9% particle removal


Longer Coolant Life – save $1,000 a year per machine + the saving in labor  

If you filter your coolant you will get much longer life.  In actual tests we see coolant last six months and it is still doing an excellent job.  This saves you on coolant costs and the maintenance of sump cleaning and coolant changing.  

Reduce Diamond Wheel Costs  – save $3,000 to $10,000 per year 

A good grinding operation will still dump huge amounts of oil and grease into the sump.  We ran a test on a high production machine.  In twenty-two days of double shift we pulled out about ten pounds of oil and grease.  This oil and grease clogs the wheel.  Clogged wheels mean slower grinds, worse quality and shorter wheel life.  Clean coolant increases diamond wheel life by at least 30% overall and as much as 50% depending on the wheel and the application.  This is saving of 25% to 35% in annual diamond wheel cost.  (Tests run in Feb. & March of 1998.  Six dry filters weighed 5.45#.  Six dirty filters drained of water weighed 15.21#.  The difference was 9.76 pounds.)

Removes oils and greases

Very Low Filter Cost

The CP 2002 comes with replaceable or cleanable filters.  This is a low cost unit that is very effective.  If you are concerned about the true cost of the unit then the CP 2002 is a better buy.  The CP2002 runs a month without filter changes because it ran over a month of double shifts in repeated tests in an actual saw shop.  We ran tests for two weeks and they worked.  Then we ran tests for a month and they worked.  Finally we wanted to run tests until the filters clogged up.  It took 22 days of double shifts before the filter clogged up.  The filters worked well all month. (We tested dozens and dozens of filters to find the right combination.  If you use the wrong filters your performance can drop from weeks to days or hours.)

Filter Cost $24 a month and only one filter change 

Our Units Do Not Harm Coolant

Building a filter system right is very difficult.  It must take out tramp oils and greases without taking out the lubrication and anti-rust from the coolants.  In addition to particle count we also tested for turbidity, pH, viscosity and conductivity.  In all four areas the filtered coolant measured the same as brand new coolant.

Unfiltered New 1/2 Hour 11 Days 22 days
pH 8.08 8.02 8.15 8.14 8.05
Viscosity 0.73 0.76 0.8 0.79 0.76
Turbidity 45,000 7.02 68.5 57.3 50.3
Conductivity 2,210 1,683 2,680 2,630 2,380
Particle count 76,000,000  12,000 2,600 2,600 2,400


Our 23 Top Reasons to Filter Coolant 

1.  Longer Machine Life
2.  Longer time between rebuilds
3.  Less down-time
4.  Less equipment replacement
5.  Faster operation
6. Faster cycle times
7.  Fewer wheel replacements
8. Smoother grinds
9. No burning
10. Cooler grinding
11. Longer coolant life
12. Longer grinding wheel life
13. Less machine maintenance
14. Less dressing required
15. Perhaps increased operator safety
16. Retards bacteria growth
17. Eliminate smells
18. Less OSHA exposure
19. Less EPA exposure
20. Less waste
21. Cleaner waste
22. Lower coolant recycling costs
23. Turn an expense into income 


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