Ph and Cobalt in Machine Coolant for Carbide Saw Grinding

Ph and Cobalt in coolant

Had a call today about pH in coolant.  Customer wanted to know what it was and why it was important.

The concentration and pH of the coolant is specific to the coolant you use and should come from your supplier.

Roughly it should be about 7 to 9.5.   Probably more like 7.5 to 8.5.  (That’s an estimate.  Check with your supplier to be sure.)  You can measure this with an expensive meter or cheap paper strips.  Call us and we’ll send you a couple strips free.

pH measures the Hydrogen ions in your coolant and translates it into acid or basic (caustic).   0 – 7 is acid with 0 being the most acidic.  7 – 14 is basic (caustic) with 14 being the most caustic.

It is important because it let’s you know about chemical changes in your coolant especially those caused by bacteria.  As the bacteria eat your coolant (or more likely the tramp oil and grease in your coolant) it changes the pH.

The pH scale is based on powers of ten.   A pH reading of 9 is ten times as strong as a pH reading of 8.

The remedy is pretty simple.  If your pH is too high you just add some sump soda.

We also have some dip and read strips for cobalt and we’ll send you a couple of those free as well.   You just dip them in and see if they turn blue.   A darker blue means more Cobalt.    These seem to work in oil although Cobalt in oil is generally not the problem it is in water based coolants.

Call Emily Erskine at 800 346 8274  between 8:30 and 3:00 West Coast time.   Or call me.

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