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When looking at the game of pool, we all know that the precision of the cue is extremely important. We all want some thing that’s going to last, hold up, and not become warped. We want perfection. When Keith Josey from Josey Custom Cues called to ask if we could help him out on finding the right sharpening service for making his custom pool cues, we knew exactly what he needed.  With such precise requirements, we knew exactly how to take on this task to make the perfect cutting tools to keep Josey’s cues the best they can be. In order to stay on top of your pool game, you need the right tools to keep your cue in proper condition. We provided Josey with four blades that would make the cuts on his cues smoother and cleaner so that they will last longer.


Being particular about an item is exactly what we are here for.  We are extremely fussy about our tools so that customers who expect nothing less than the best will be happy with our service and products.  Looking at the pool cues, we didn’t give Josey just any old product.  Instead we knew that the best, most precise blades would be all that was acceptable in order to make his custom cues sharp and accurate. On follow up, he expressed his happiness with the product and had no complaints. When working with customers who need the best, we are just the ones to help.

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