Saw Blade Brazing – ripped shoulders

Saw Blade Brazing – ripped shoulders

chill line, rainbow color

Saw blade brazing heat affected zone

In previous posts I’ve talked about induction heating and coloring the steel.

The top of the picture shows what I mean by heat affected zone, chill lines and rainbow color.

Here is a picture of a saw blade being brazed. The bottom of the picture shows the induction coil heating up the carbide, the braze alloy and the steel. Induction heating coil as a loop on either side. The bottom of the loop is positioned pretty well to heat the carbide which is good. The top of the loop is positioned very well to heat the steel.

Steel takes heat from induction system at about 5 to 10 times the rate carbide does. A coil in this new shape is delivering the same energy to both the carbide and the steel. Thus, by the time the carbide and the braze alloy get hot enough the steel is going to be way overheated.

You have to have the top loop on the coil. Water circulates through the coil to cool the coil.

The solution was to build a new coil with the top loops spread out so that they are much, much farther from the steel. This very dramatically slowed down the rate of heating of the steel.

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