Computer Preventive Maintenance

IT Preventive Maintenance

For years we have been doing maintenance on the computers and the server whenever something broke. Something would break or quit working, we would be down for a couple hours while we waited for the IT people get here.

Last month Den Locke, whose company takes care of our computers, talked me into signing a preventive maintenance agreement. For about the same price I’ve been spending each month on emergency repairs he is doing preventive maintenance.

Today was the first day and my computer is already much faster because they found problems with the wiring that was done in 14 years ago when I bought the building. They also straightened out my telephone system so it doesn’t cut out anymore.

They’re doing a full survey of everything we have, the condition of it and what we need to do.

I really like it when things work. I really hate it when things break down in the middle of production of any kind. I don’t think Den can eliminate 100% of my problems but he’s made things better already and, if he can give me more uptime and less downtime, I’m all in favor of it..

I am a big believer in preventive maintenance on machinery but I never thought of preventive maintenance on computers, the server or the network. If you have a good IT guy, it might be worthwhile asking them about preventive maintenance on your system.

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