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Working with Kids Is Really RewardingWe get asked to contribute to a great number of charities. Unfortunately we can’t fund them all.  What is even worse is that a great number of them are really not worth funding.

There are two charities that I particularly like. One is donating baby food or a check for baby food to either the Salvation Army or our local food bank.  These are both extremely low overhead operations. A really high percentage of the money donated goes to feed people.

There is a real problem getting baby food for food banks. Baby food has a long expiration life.  There really is very little markup on baby food because new mothers shop like crazy.  I found this out years ago when I was doing volunteer work with our local food bank. I decided we would take the money we spent on Christmas cards make a donation to a food bank instead.  We decided to make a donation for baby food because it is something the food bank really needs.

Thank you card for Edge Safety Glasses from Newport Robotics Club

Thank you card for Edge Safety Glasses from Newport Robotics Club

The other charity we really like is working with kids groups.   This year we had a lot of fun with it. We took on a new line of safety glasses that are extremely safe (they meet military specifications), they are very comfortable and they look really cool. We donated a couple hundred pair to various shop classes and robotics groups. That was fun and something we like doing. What is really cool is getting the thank you notes.

This example came from the Newport Robotics Club.  We donated 60 pair of safety glasses and got a card in return.  Dollar for dollar we probably came out a little behind but that is sure not the way it feels.

Thanks for the card. We love it.

Tom Walz

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Newport Robotics Club Signatures

Newport Robotics Club Signatures

Imagine how cool you would look in Edge Eyewear Safety Glasses

Edge Eyewear Modeled by Company President


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