How important is Tom?

How important is Tom?

Hi, this is Tom.

Lately I’ve had a couple people treat me as though I was either really important or thought I was really important.

I think part of this is the fact that I’ve been writing the newsletter for years and I do the videos and I have a reputation as an expert in a couple areas.

I also think part of it is the way I speak. I have a genetic, autoimmune condition known as myasthenia gravis that sometimes affects my speech.

What really concerns me is that people have been asking me if I’m sure I have the time to talk to them.

Things have been pretty hectic around here with all the growth and the new products.  I think maybe sometimes I do sound a little rushed.

However, nothing is more important than taking care of customers. This includes existing customers or potential customers.

Much of my time is spent on financial matters, marketing matters, trying to hire more staff of the right quality and so on. This is fine and it is definitely part of the president’s job.

What I really love is the technical aspects of the business. What is incredibly important to me is helping people. If you call and I am doing paperwork of any kind, it will be a real treat for me to interrupt the paperwork and talk to you about brazing or filtering or any of the other areas. Mostly the people who call are really bright and know a great deal more about their situation than I do. However I can ask questions that may not have occurred to them or, perhaps refer them to better information sources.

As a child I was taught by my parents that you should leave the world a better place than you found.  We did a lot of camping and fishing and so on. The number one rule was that you left your campsite cleaner than you found. We also made it a practice to leave a little dry firewood for the next guy. Then, of course, there was the Boy Scouts, the church, the Saturday Evening Post and many other influences with this kind of message.

So, please feel free to call.  I may be in a meeting but I will return your call.  You don’t have to buy anything from us but we do have a lot of products that solve problems.

When I was just starting I was told that I was “too small to bother with.”  I promised I would never do that to anyone else.



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