How to adopt a dog

How to adopt a dog

Lucky the adopted dog

Lucky the adopted dog

For a few years now I have been adopting old Golden retrievers. It seems to work out very well for everybody involved.

When I decided to get a dog a few years ago I first thought about a puppy. I thought about a puppy because that is pretty much the way I’d seen it done. I was raised with Golden Retrievers so I’m very fond of the breed. I did an Internet search looking for local breeders and stumbled across the EGRR website. EGRR is Evergreen Golden Retriever Rescue.

I had adopted a dog through the Humane Society before. She was a really sweet little border collie who was afraid of kids. We didn’t realize how bad it was until my son walked into the room carrying a baseball bat over his shoulder. The dog saw him with the bat, yipped once and hid behind me. Apparently she had been badly abused by children of her previous owner. The vet helped me find a really nice young couple with a fenced yard in about a year later I got a picture of the sweet little dog with her new owners at the beach.

Anyway, I thought I wanted a puppy so that I could raise it properly.

The Evergreen Golden Retriever Rescue people provide a service by which they take Golden Retrievers that no one wants and match them with new owners. As part of the process they have the dogs taken to the vet and thoroughly examined. The dogs also spend at least 30 days in a foster house to see how they do in a real home with a real family.

The first dog I rescued had been kept chained up in a backyard all the time. He did not know about riding in a car, about treats, about squeaky toys or any other essential dog activities. He was extremely good with the grandchildren. At Christmas he would be lying in the middle of the floor with children tripping over him and it didn’t seem to bother him a bit.

The current Golden retriever, my second, is equally as good with children. At Christmas this year my grandson Max was playing some game with the dog involving a stick. When Max and the dog stand up they are about eye to eye in height. Yet no one was at all worried about Max getting hurt.

There are real, definite benefits to adopting an older dog. They are potty trained which is a big plus. My dogs have always chewed but they know which toys are theirs. They only chew their toys. They know some commands and learn others readily. They also adopt readily to a new name if you want to change their name.

So my advice on adopting a dog is to pick up breed you like and find a local rescue society online. It has worked out very well for me and I think it is at least worth considering.

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