How to Donate to a School

How to donate to a school

There was a discussion in one of the forums I follow. A brand-new shop teacher had posted asking about good projects for his students. I made some suggestions and then asked him if he would like a donation of safety glasses.  I told him we had a new line of safety glasses that were entirely safe and that were cool enough that students would actually wear them.

He replied that he would be very happy to have them.

That was a couple weeks ago. It turns out the teacher is in Québec. We had to make sure the safety glasses that are ANSI and mill spec here were also safety glasses in Canada. Turns out they were. Today we received an e-mail from him telling us that he can’t accept the safety glasses because he doesn’t have any money to pay the duty.

However we can check a box on the DHL form and have the duty billed to us.  I am also sending them a check to cover any other taxes or anything that may accrue.

In Washington State we have to pay a use tax on anything on which we did not pay a sales tax.  The bank also charges me $10 every time I deposit a check from a foreign country even if the check is in US dollars.

I almost feel sorry for getting the poor teacher involved in this in the first place.

Where we stand now is that he will go to the administration and ask them if he can accept this donation.  He will also ask if the amount of the check will be enough to cover whatever other charges the government cares to levy.

Unfortunately this kind of situation seems to be much more common than uncommon. I had similar problems trying to make a donation to my son’s high school. It’s a long story, but I actually got called into the principal’s office and lectured because I went directly to the library teacher and offered to make a donation for new books.

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