Meet the Staff at Carbide Processors!

We recently added a Meet the Staff page on our website under Company Info.  We wanted our customers to become familiar with those on the inside of Carbide Processors!

As someone who avidly shops online for most things, I often forget that there are actual people who work on the inside of a website.  I know it sounds silly, clearly websites can’t update themselves (although sometimes, thanks to technological glitches, things can magically disappear and then reappear again) and someone has to fulfill orders and ship products.  What I am saying is, when you go out to a store, you have somewhat of an idea of who works for the company and it can be a more personal experience.  However, when you have an ecommerce store,  you can lose that personalization and it becomes easy to forget just what goes on in the inside of a website and therefore, we decided to create a page to our website so that all of you can meet our dedicated staff.

We are a small business, with seven and a half employees (four of which work on our website daily) and a very friendly and loving dog named Lucky who is always looking for someone to play with.  We are a fun group of people that enjoy laughing, hard work and dedication.

Every one of us is dedicated to providing our customers with quality customer care and the ultimate customer  experience!

Follow this link to meet the staff at Carbide Processors


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