Three Great Technical Books

Over the years I have come to really appreciate three books.

Three Great Technical Books

Three Great Technical Books

Pocket Ref by Thomas J Glover from the Engineering Publications Group

Machinery’s Handbook

Handbook Of Chemistry And Physics (actually the CRC Handbook Of Chemistry And Physics)

The Pocket Ref stays next my desk.  If an employee wants to use it they have to use it in my office and put it back or I’ll buy them their own copy.  I have trained myself to look up the conversion factors in the pocket ref every time I need to do a conversion. Even if I think I know what the conversion factor is I still look it up.

Twenty 20 years ago or so I was doing a quote and I was off by one decimal point. I was one decimal point too low, got the contract and had to live with it.

Machinery’s Handbook is very, very good for feeds and speeds. I also use it for materials, conversion factors that even has financial information.

I use the Handbook of Chemistry and Physics mostly for chemical research although it comes in surprisingly handy in other areas. Today the question came up as to whether “pencil lead” responded to a magnet.  The book says graphite has a slight negative magnetic susceptibility so the pencil lead in question must have something magnetic unit if it responds to a magnet.

Pocket Ref is pretty inexpensive and you might as well buy yourself a new one.  The other two can be pretty pricey but there are a great number of used ones out there. You get a chance you should at least take a look at these two. I bought both of mine new but could just as well have done with used versions. Even buying them brand-new they have been two of the best investments I’ve ever made.

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