Tile Removal with A Carbide Tipped Tool

Tile Removal with an Advanced Carbide Grade

This is a carbide tipped tool for removing floor tile from concrete floors. In the top left picture below you can see the piece of tungsten carbide on the front of the tool. To the right is the whole tool the picture below right shows how badly the edge gets beaten up.

Tile removal tool with carbide tip

Tile removal tool with carbide tip

Theoretically the ram pushes the carbide point under the floor tiles and pops or scrapes them off.  In reality the ram encounters a great deal of stray metal such as rebar, old fittings and anchors, electrical conduit and others.

Using traditional grades of carbide meant either a short useful life for the tool with a tough grade of carbide or frequent carbide repair due to breakage with a long wearing grade of carbide.

We supplied an advanced grade of carbide and a special braze alloy that extends the life of the tool by about a factor of 3 to 5 over any conventional grade of carbide. This advanced grade of carbide is both extremely tough and very long wearing. In addition the special braze alloy allows for field repair of the tool with an oxyacetylene torch.

This greatly increases uptime for the tile removal machine as well as greatly reducing the necessary inventory of spare parts and all but eliminates the need for outside servicing.

This technology is proprietary to Goddard Industries of Rochester, Washington and was developed with the help of Carbide Processors, Inc. of Tacoma, Washington.

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