Why You Can Trust Carbide Processors

The consultant has suggested that we do a video about why you can trust us. I also had a consultant suggest someone else do the videos because I am old and not particularly attractive.

In any case, I own the place and I’m going to do the video about trusting as.

The first reason you can trust us as that’s is because that’s who we are. That’s who I am that to my dad was there to my grandfather was. That’s who my staff are.

The second reason you can trust us is that it is clearly and simply the most profitable way to run a business. Happy customers come back and spend more money. They also tell their friends. Unhappy customers rarely come back and they tell a lot more people about their bad experience.

The third reason you can trust us is that Amazon, Google and Yahoo all trust us. These three companies are incredibly strict about who they partner with. We work and sell through these companies and many others all of whom are concerned about their reputation.

The fourth reason you can trust us is that we work extremely hard to be trustworthy. If you look at our home page you will see some of our security seals. We use authorize.net to handle credit card transactions. We never see your credit card number. We also use PayPal which is extremely careful and extremely honest.

If you ever should have a problem with us and we do not make you happy credit card companies and PayPal will both be very, very happy to take your side. This is another reason that we want to make you very happy because we definitely do not want our excellent reputation damaged with credit card companies are with PayPal.

We voluntarily join the Better Business Bureau and we have an A+ rating.

We also use a couple of different companies to monitor the security of our website on a constant basis. If you go to our home page you can see the Geotrust logo which means we have a verified SSL certificate through GeoTrust.

Our website is also fully PCI compliant with TrustWave, which means our website goes through constant scans conducted by TrustWave making sure that of all our data is safe and secure.

Our bank is Wells Fargo bank because Wells Fargo bank has the tightest security requirements of any bank in the country. Wells Fargo bank has told us if we want to be an e-commerce merchant and use Wells Fargo bank we have to meet very strict standards.

Why You Can Trust Carbide Processors

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