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Woodpeckers Tools Incredible Quality

Beautiful quality tools from woodpeckers

Woodpeckers tool incredible quality

I finally got my woodpeckers saddle T and it is just incredibly well-made.

I know that all of you have already received yours by now.  Woodpeckers and Carbide Processors have a very strict priority system that puts me dead last.  On the limited production tools, I get mine after everyone else has received theirs.

Anyway, the finish on this is just incredible. It’s actually a real pleasure to stroke it. Just rubbing my hands across it feels great.  It is so smooth and feels so good.  On the very rare occasion when I finish a piece of wood that comes out just right it is a real pleasure to stroke the wood. This Woodpeckers tool feels just like that.

This is a limited production tool and I really hope they come out with something similar in the fall as part of the regular line.

We love selling Woodpeckers tools because they’re made by a company that doesn’t understand the term overbuilt when it comes to tools. Whatever they do, they are going to do the very best way they can.  They must have had a fussy, German father much like mine.

If you have never felt or seen a Woodpeckers tool in real life, I strongly urge you to go to a tool show. If you want to go to the big AWFS in Las Vegas this July, we’ll see you there.

The first time I saw Woodpeckers tools, I walked by the booth three times just admiring the tools before I bought one.  Then I bought a 12 inch T that I really didn’t need and have never used. I bought it because it was so beautiful and it sits here on my desk behind me where I can admire it regularly.

I know you can love tools and still use them and I do that also. I just bought a couple sets of Bondhus nut drivers that are wonderful. However that Woodpeckers T was my first Woodpeckers tool and that was just to admire.

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