Torch Brazing with Hydrogen

I was recently asked about torch brazing with hydrogen, and why I don’t use hydrogen for brazing.  The main reason I choose not to torch braze with hydrogen is because of the safety issues.  I use a larger torch, and I don’t like using hydrogen for brazing because I cannot see the flame.  Also, hydrogen molecules are extremely small, and can leak out of joints and even through some material fairly readily. 

A dangerous amount of hydrogen can easily go undetected.  In theory, I could have enough hydrogen leak out of the tank overnight to create a very big safety hazard in the morning, and not even notice or realize that it had happened upon entering the building. 

In no way at all am I disparaging hydrogen for brazing or the people that use it.  I just do not believe that is fits in my operation.  Brazing with hydrogen can be a very advantageous depending on the persons operation or set up.  In fact, hydrogen is widely used as a brazing gas by jewelers.  The biggest advantage for using hydrogen in this application is that hydrogen is a very clean gas.  It can even be said to clean as it burns.  Jewelers use a much smaller torch, making the safety risks much more minimal.

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