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Buying bulk drill bits is the ideal way to save money and time if you have a list of construction projects on your schedule. By buying drill bits in bulk, you pay a lower price per bit and you have many bits at your disposal without needing to put a project on hold while you run to your local hardware store or order them online after using up your last bit. There are many types of drill bits you can purchase in bulk. Here are some common types of bits that are available for bulk for you.

Screwdriver Drill Bits:

The name of this drill bit says it all. A screwdriver drill bit is the type of bit that has a hexagonal shape so it fits securely in a screwdriver as well as it fits into a drill. There are several shapes available as screwdriver bits designed to fit the head of the screws and other materials you are working with. Buying these bulk drill bits will help you continue moving along on any type of project in case one of them happens to break or get stripped.

Masonry Bits:

Buying masonry drill bits in bulk is ideal because these types of bits wear out quicker than other types of bits. Since these types of bits are designed to drill through concrete materials, including stones, bricks, tiles and more, it is difficult to keep these bits sharp enough to continue to be effective for long. The reason masonry bits can drill through concrete lies in the tip of the bit.

These cutting tips are typically made from strong tungsten carbide which cuts through concrete readily.

Masonry drill bits are typically designed for a power drill. The harder the material you are drilling, the slower rotational speed you should use. This helps to prevent the tip from overheating and wearing out faster than it should. If the tip becomes dull, it can be sharpened with a drill bit sharpener.

Twist Bits:

The most common type of drill bits that you can buy in bulk is twist bits. These spiraled bits are used for drilling holes of all sizes and they come in bulk packs with various sizes as well. You can use twist bits on a variety of materials, including metal, plastic, wood and more. The bits are available in either High Speed Steel versions which will endure extreme temperatures and carbon steel bits with are ideal for drilling through wood. The bits with a Titanium nitride coating are harder so they are perfect for drilling through metal.

These are just a few of the types of drill bits you can purchase in bulk packages. Other bulk drill bits include the spur point, bullet pilot, countersink, flat wood bit and several more. Whichever type of bits you use, consider buying them in bulk for convenience and cost efficiency.

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9 Responses to “Bulk Drill Bits”

  1. Bill Rich says:

    I’m wanting to know the price of 1/16 metal bits and if you can buy in bulk. Look forward to hearing back from you

    • admin says:

      Dear Bill,

      Thank you for your response. We have many types of drill bits and drills. Can you give me a little more information on the type of bits you are looking for and I will be happy to look for some in 1/16″ size. Thank you!

  2. Victor says:

    Do you have the following tile drill bit: Bosch GT 300 1/4″
    I need approximately 100 (or more if the price is right).

    • admin says:

      We do not currently carry any bosch drill bits. I can see if we have something that may work in place of those Bosch bits. Do you have the specs for the Bits you need?

  3. rick says:

    Need to buy 50ea 7/64″ pilot tip cobalt bits. Quote please.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for contacting us. We do have some cobalt drill bits made by Tirumph. They manufacture their bits in the US and make really high quality drill bits. They have a Cobalt split point drill bit 7/64″. They are sold in packages of 12 and sold individually. They are $21.96 for a package of 12 and $3.48 when sold individually. I can give you the 2 individual bits for $2.00 ea since they are going to be sold to complete your qty of 50.

      Your total cost for 50 pc. is $91.84

      Part # 014207 (individual bits)
      Part # 011507 (pkg. of 12 bits)

  4. Kurtis says:

    we are looking to buy bulk drill bites for metal and aluminum work.
    the sizes we need are

    thanks for your help.

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