Countersink Bits

Countersink bits are overlooked by many people. These bits drill two different size holes, one for the screw to connect the wood pieces together and the second size that allows the head of the screw to go down into with the work piece itself. This allows you to use putty to fill in the indentation, sand down the putty and stain it when you stain the completed furniture. Or you can buy special buttons made specifically for filling in these indentations. Many pieces of furniture utilize the wood buttons for this. Cheaper furniture will sometimes call for dropping the screw head exactly flush and you are provided with a sticky button to place over the screw head to conceal it.

You can countersink without a special bit if you have the patience and steady hand to do so. In this way, you would drill the hole for the screw; follow this by using a larger bit to drill partway into the first hole creating the place for the screw head to drop in. Using a piece of tape on the larger bit to mark just how far you need to drill will help make the holes uniform. However, this is not the optimum way to countersink you screws. Although it works, it is better in the long run to invest in a set of countersink bits. If you are going to make items that call for concealing the screws – like most furniture pieces – you are already spending quite a bit of money on the grade of wood you have chosen. It doesn’t make sense to try to shortcut the process by scrimping on a necessary tool.

When purchasing countersink bits, you can buy them in sets or individually. This decision is based upon how many different sizes you might need for your project and how many times you will use them. If you are building a set of bunk beds, you might need only one size. To make it easy on yourself, just use the same size screw and button from start to finish. But if you are building a wall unit or cabinet, the plans might call for several different sizes of screws and other hardware fasteners. When preparing for a project, you should plan not only for materials, but for the best tools to make it go smoothly from start to finish as well.

These specialty bits are a wonderful addition to your toolbox, and they can be purchased online. Once you have used them, you will wonder how you got along without them for so long. By using these bits, you will take so much time off of the job, not only in changing bits in and out of your drill or drill press, but the exactness of the hole will be perfect every time.

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