PDC Drill Bits

PDC drill bits are built to be rugged so they can withstand the toughest drilling jobs when holes need to be drilled into materials like stone, shale and limestone. They can handle everything from drilling into the earth for geothermal power to exploring a mine and everything in between. Here are some things you should know about these special drill bits.

The abbreviation PDC stands for polycrystalline diamond compact. This mainly refers to the type of materials used to manufacture the cutter in the bit. This type of material is technologically advanced so it resists wear and tear while it is working so it can go longer in between changes. Because of its superior durability and strength, these particular drill bits have become one of the leading types of drill bits for drilling into the ground. They have replaced the roller cone bits in popularity and in sales. With a PDC drill bit, the drill string rotates with the help of pneumatic pressure. The nibs on the end of the drill bit are used to cut through rock and drill into the ground.

The uses of PDC drill bits are varied. You can use a heavy duty bit for drilling a gas well, mining into the ground – drilling for oil wells, exploring beneath the earth’s surface and more. Many construction companies use these large durable bits for their building projects.

There are several types of these drill bits to choose from. The anchor shank bits have wings that are used for cutting through stratum that is soft to medium. Due to its design, the anchor shank PDC bits drill perfect holes with less waste. With PDC coring bits, you can drill through soft to medium-hard stratum surfaces. They are designed to provide a faster drilling speed to help cut down on the time to finish a project. The design of the PDC coring bits also makes them durable so you can use them longer before needing to replace them.

If you are looking for PDC drill bits for your industrial drilling jobs, there are many manufacturers to choose from. Some of the manufacturers that you can choose include the Hebei Zhankui Drill Equipment Company, the Pioneer Polydiamond Company, 3U Super Hard Products Company and others.

Until the late 1800s when the internal combustion engine became popular and widespread, drilling into the ground was done by hand. It would take teams of men or animals powering and turning rods. Since then, the drilling industry has come a long way. As metallurgy advancements continued and more durable bits were produced, oil drilling and other ground drilling jobs became easier and easier. The drill bits that are now available on the market have only helped to simplify the job by breaking through the earth with greater ease. Why continue to struggle with your drilling project? Use of superior drill bits will help you the job done right and on time.

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