Spade Drills

What is a spade drill? A spade drill is a useful tool that is used to drill holes.  The drill is usually made of steel so the strength is strong and capable of high speed drilling. Though it can be used in wood working, a spade drill is generally used in metal works.  The metal industry use the spade drills quite often to get jobs done.

A spade drill has an attachment bit that users attach to a regular drill.  In stead of small holes, it creates larger ones, and very quickly too.

With a spade drill the user can drill many different sized holes, including holes called stepped holes, and cuts in diameters that range from 3/4 inches and many more different sizes.

What does a spade drill look like? A spade drill looks like a slender steel rod with a flat wide piece to the top, with a sharp point on the very top.  It attaches to the drill like a bit.  The different sizes of bits, the user/tool handler can drill many different sized holes according to their needs. Spade drill pieces can be customized and sold at normal sizes and shapes. To each shape and size, makes a different sized and shaped hole.  The spade drill is usually made of steel to last longer and to have the strength and durability to perform drilling jobs.

How do you use a spade drill? First take safety into consideration.  Use goggles to cover eyes and to be extra safe, use a mouth cover to prevent inhaling metal and wood shavings.

The best way to use a spade drill is to take a regular 1/8 inch bit and drill a starter hole.  Then attach a spade drill bit to the drill, place it the sharp edge to the starter hole, and begin drilling slowly.  It is important to drill slowly at first because it decreases the chance of an accidental mess up on the hole. After the tip and wide edge of the spade drill bit has made it through the wood or metal, the user can increase the speed of the drill.  Continue drilling until the hole is at the desired size.

Where can you buy a spade drill? You can purchase a spade drill at a variety of places, and the come in many different brands.  With so many different brands to choose from, it is important to choose a spade drill of a good quality.  One good brand is Southeast tools. Many of the spade drills are low cost but great quality.  You can purchase the drills at  Their website has an easy to shop interface, and is a member of the Better Business Bureau.  Customer support is available on the website to make shopping easier, and to answer questions concerning spade drills and other tools.

How long does a spade drill last? A Spade drill can last several years with proper care and use.

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