Tungsten Carbide Drill Bits

Super Long Wearing Drill Bits

Tungsten carbide is a material used to produce many machining parts, from drill bits to armor-piercing ammunition for the military. As one of the strongest cutting surfaces available, carbide cuts easily through carbon or stainless steel. In many operations, tungsten carbide drill bits are utilized in drill presses in order to take advantage of the properties of this metal in shops where precision is necessary in the drilling of holes in heat sinks, metal machine parts and other materials that a weaker metal will not do the job.

Tungsten carbide drill bits can be an expensive investment, but will more than pay for themselves by saving time on the job. Not only will they cut through the material at hand, they will stay sharp much longer than other drill bits. The ease with which they work will reduce the wear and tear on your drill, as well as the workman himself.  You can purchase a single bit if you are in need of a specific size or length of shaft, or you can purchase them in sets. Many times these bits are bought individually because they are obtained with a specific purpose in mind.

Professionals will decide to purchase tungsten carbide drill bits based upon several criteria. Among these reasons are:

  • The complexity of the job – are the requirements of the job going to be made easier by having a stronger bit that holds its edge well?
  • The number of times the drill will be used for the job – if there are only a few holes to be drilled, it might better to fight your way through the drilling with a less expensive bit.
  • Future use of the bit – will you have a use for this bit after the job is finished, or are you making the purchase for a one-time project?
  • Other expenses of the job – have you already spent too much in materials or tools for the job to justify the purchase of a new drill bit?

Bear in mind, for professionals, that in most cases, the purchase price will not determine whether a tool is added to the tool box. But, more often than not, the decision is made based upon how much time it will save in completing the job and whether a future job will likely call for the same tool. If your company is a machine shop that is continually taking on jobs that require drilling into very hard materials like stainless steel, there is little reasoning in opting for a cheap drill bit. Spending the money up front on a tool that saves time and increases accuracy will go a long way by word-of-mouth to other potential customers.

This is how small businesses thrive. Offering your customer the best value for their dollars will place your company at the top of the list when other jobs come up that could be sent to your shop. Having the best tools means that you can turnaround the job quickly, giving your customers better service than the next shop down the road.

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