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At Carbide Processors we sell only the best tools in the world. Vortex Tools are no exception. With a great variety of router and drill bits for plastic and woodworking industries, you can be confident in knowing that when you buy a tool from Carbide Processors you are buying the best product you can. With many options to choose from in our store, there is sure to be one that fits your needs.

Vortex Tools was started in 1992 from a family tradition of making exceptional woodworking tools for people in the industry. Knowing that the company that supplies the tools you use to make a living comes from a background in woodworking gives you the satisfaction of knowing that each piece of material was fashioned with passion so that you achieve the optimal results you were looking for.

No matter what you are trying to do, if it has to do with woodworking or plastic, these should be your number one choice. These tools are by far the best in the industry and we are very proud to be offering them at our store. These specialty bits have won numerous awards for their products which is a testament to their hard work and dedication in bringing you the very best. Carbide Processors is extremely pleased to be helping you with your decision making process in choosing the right tools for you. It is important to us that you are happy with your product and if you buy one of these accessories you are sure to achieve that.

We have several different rooter and drill bits that include numerous upcut and downcut spirals, fiberglass cutting tools, your choice of roughers and finishers, and solid and tipped carbide point drills. Not only do we supply these tools we have many more to choose from that can help perfect and speed up the job you are working on.

We will be happy to sell you Vortex Tools for your project or any other tool that you might need. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee you can be sure that you are getting the products you need for the price you want.

Visit Carbide Processors online, we will be happy to assist you!


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