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Tom did a test and measured and took pictures of a couple dozen screws that were supposed to be sized for a #2 philips scerwdriver.  You’d be amazed at the difference between the actual size of the screw hole between brands, and even between boxes of the same brand.  This little test did prove one thing.  With such a great variation in size of the same size screws, having a really good screwdriver set can be really important.


The most important thing when selecting a good screwdriver is to make sure you are using the correct screwdriver for the screw you are trying to tighten or loosen.  Using the wrong screwdriver for the job can strip the screw or ruin a good screwdriver.  This pertains not only to the type of tip on the screwdriver, but the size as well.  Trying to use a screwdriver with a tip that is too big or too small can also strip the screw, not to mention make your job much harder.  Choose a screwdriver that fits the screw well, is not too tight or loose and that is comfortable to grip.  Also, keep a good range of sizes of screwdrivers for each tip type.  Having a few different slotted head screwdrivers, Philips head screwdrivers, square head screwdrivers and pozidriv screwdrivers can prove to be very handy.  Wiha has an incredible selection of screwdrivers and screwdriver sets that have a good range of types and sizes for fitting all types of screws and have a really good, non slip handle as well.


Some screwdriver tips:

Whether you are driving screws into hardwood or softwood, it is a good idea to drill a pilot hole first.  You can create a pilot hole for the screw using an awl or a boring drill.  Make sure the pilot hole is not too wide for the screw you are using.  The purpose of the pilot hole is to prevent the wood from splintering and prevent the screw from following the grain of the wood and going crooked as you screw it in.

Make sure you keep the screw straight as you drive it in with the screwdriver.  You can either use a screwholder, or use a screw holding screwdriver.  A screw holding screwdriver holds the screw in place on the tip of the screwdriver to ensure it enters the wood straight.



When driving screws into hardwood, rubbing a little beesewax on the thread of the screw can help it go in a little easier.

Once you have found a great screwdriver remember to take care of it so that you can use it for years to come.  Never use it for jobs it is not intended for, you will only put yourself at risk for injury, and damage one of the most used and invaluable tools in your toolbox.

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