Bessey Aviation Snips and Compound Snips

Bessey Aviation Snips and compound snips combine advanced steel grades with innovative design to give you high quality cutting with less effort.  Bessey manufacturers a variety of styles and steel grades of snips to give you the best cut with the least amount of effort for any cutting application.  Combining core features like cutter head design, quality steel grades and intended application, Bessey’s line of compound and aviation snips are designed to get even the toughest job done.

bessey Snips

How does Bessey give you all that cutting power with minimal effort?  The cutting head and handles on Bessey’s compound and aviation snips are made separately and both the cutter head and handle are hinged.  When the cutter head and handles are attached to each other, the double hinged assembly greatly increases the leverage, requiring much less effort to cut.

Bessey’s cutter heads come in 3 different styles, “Ideal Snips”, “Outline Snips”, and “Striaght Cutting Snips”.  There are great benefits to each depending on your application.

Bessey’s ideal snips are a great multi-purpose snip that can cut through sheet metal as well as cutting large and small contours or radii.  Whether you are cutting at the edge or at the center of the sheet, bessey Ideal style snips work for any notching -operation.

Bessey’s outline snips are the best for fine and narrow radius cuts near the edges of sheet metal.  You can use the delicately shaped edge of these snips to cut extremely narrow shapes or curves without any problem.

Straight cutting snips are ideal for cutting sheets of metal at the center or the edge.  The long edges of these snips make it great for cross-cutting and notching sheet metal quickly and precisely with less effort.

Bessey makes both left cutting snips and right cutting snips.  The right and left cutting snips are often mistaken to be left handed or right handed cutting snips, but that is not actually the case.   The Left cutting snips are actually for cutting left radii (a curve from right to left) and the right cutting snips for right radii (a curve from left to right).  The Left or Right cutting snips allow you to cut inward from your wrist which is more ergonomic and much more comfortable.

Bessey understands that the service life of the cutting edge depends directly on the grade of steel used and the processing.  Bessey’s high-performance aviation snips and compound snips have case-hardened High Speed Steel edges to with stand the most stringent requirements and give optimal cutting performance.

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