Carbide Burs from SGS

Carbide Burs from SGS

Another new line that we have recently added is SGS.  They have such a large selection to choose with from that for right now, we are only carrying their carbide burs, or carbide burrs, depending on your spelling preference. With their variety of 13,000 products, their products alone are almost equivalent to our entire online store at just over 16,000 with several different vendors/manufacturers.

They have been in business for more than fifty years, starting out as a bur sharpening service before stepping into the manufacturing industry. Since their founding, they have grown to be the first domestic cutting tool manufacturer in the US to be ISO certified.

SGS is now well known in machine shops which is why we decided to carry this particular line of carbide burs; we simply wanted to expand our horizons a little bit and offer useful and high quality tools to other markets, such as machine shops and metal workers.  All products from the SGS brand are guaranteed to be the most effective products for all metal applications while also being cost efficient.  Along with being industry known, they are also the leader in solid carbide rotary cutting tools with their large selection to chose from.

SGS is currently available in 60 different countries but all of their tools are manufactured from their plant in Northeastern Ohio; making these products 100% American made, another great benefit of these carbide burs from SGS.

When the SGS factory begins the manufacturing of a product, they start out with the highest quality raw materials and also conduct several inspections from beginning to end to ensure the most quality and efficiency from their product lines. It is definitely worth mentioning that all of the brazing done on these terrific metal working tools is hand done.

Along with the addition of SGS to cater to machine shops, we have also added Niagara cutter to our online store.  Also well known by the industry, this brand offers an even larger selection of tools with over 27,000 products to choose from. We currently only offer end mills from Niagara Cutter.

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