Call Us for Additional Discounts

Call us for Additional Discounts

A few of our vendors have distributor terms that we, as distributors, have to abide by in order to maintain distributor status.  One of the most common distributor terms that we see is setting MAP pricing.  MAP is short for minimally advertised price; basically, we cannot advertise our prices on certain items and/or vendors below their established MAP price.

For this reason,  we can’t advertise or run promotions on some of our items.  However, if need be, we can offer our customers special pricing.  Just today, we received a phone call from a customer who wanted to purchase an expensive item from us but was inquiring if we can give him any further discounts.  I explained to him that I can certainly work with him on getting a better deal and that the only reason we don’t have an available discount on that particular item that he would like to buy is because our vendor has established strict advertising guidelines that we must follow.  I was able to offer the customer an additional 5% off of his total order, which made him happy and when our customers are happy, we are happy.

We don’t mind doing special discounting here and there and we will welcome anyone and everyone to give us a call and inquire about our current promotions and deals. Another promotion that I have been slowly developing is a “Save More Money” promotion.  The more money you spend in our online store, the more money you save.  We have had quite a few customers inquire about offering discounts to orders over a certain amount.  While this promotion may not be fully implemented just yet, the coupon codes are already established. The people that called us to inquire about our discounts actually received those coupon codes and were able to save more money with us.

Some other current promotions you can take advantage of are the returning customer discount.  All returning customers receive an additional 5% off of every order when they shop in our store. For this particular promotion, it is best to create an account with our store in order for the discount to take affect each time you visit and buy from our store. Another current discount we have is  free shipping on Southeast Tool orders over $100. We also have current sales for Bondhus ProHold Technology bit and socket sets and also select Wiha items (hurry the Wiha sale ends next week) and, as always, check out our inventory reduction and closeout items for even further discounts.

Give us a call, we would love to hear from you regarding discounts and promotions 1-800-346-8274.

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