Woodpecker’s Newest One Time Tool- the Pocket Compass

Every so often, Woodpecker Tool Co. will come out with a clever and handy new tool that will instantly make you wonder how you ever lived without it.  These handy and indispensable little tools are only available for pre-order for a very limited time.  Woodpecker’s only makes enough of these One Time Tools to fill the orders that were placed before the cut-off date.  After that, no more of these ingenious little tools are made or sold.  That’s means, once the promotional period for Woodpecker’s One Time Tools has passed, these handy little tools are GONE FOR GOOD!! 

Woodpecker’s Newest One Time Tool is the Pocket Compass- a Compass that’s easy to use and stores conveniently in your pocket. 

There’s no doubt that a compass is often the best tool for drawing arcs and circles. But the traditional compass with its sharp, pointy ends isn’t always the best tool to keep in your shop apron let alone your pants pocket.

Woodpeckers new Pocket Compass is compact, fast and stores easily where a traditional compass won’t.

The unique design of the Pocket Compass gives you an accurate, convenient tool for drawing arcs and circles from one inch up to 6-1/2″ in diameter.  It also eliminates the need for a ruler and even has a self contained stainless steel pivot point.  All that and it’s not much bigger than a bic lighter.

The main body of the Pocket Compass consists of two telescoping, precision machined aluminum parts: one with a pivot hole and engraved inch and metric scales, the other with pencil holes. Simply telescope the parts until the alignment mark matches the desired diameter, tighten the knob and you’re ready to go. With the pivot pin on your center mark, use any sharp wooden or mechanical pencil or scribe in the first tapered hole to draw your circle. Want a circle two inches bigger? No problem. Move the pencil to the hole marked “+2”.

It’s that easy. So if you’re looking for a simple tool that’s convenient as well as capable, consider Woodpeckers new Pocket Compass.

You can place your order for the Pocket Compass now until July 1st, 2013.

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