Buy Incra Products You’ve Been Eyeing Before Prices Go Up

Incra hasn’t issued a price increase in years but the time has come for an increase.  Even with the recent increase, any inventory items are exempt; the price increase only reflects items shipped directly from Incra.

In order to provide better service, less handling and quicker delivery, most of the products you will find in our online store are shipped directly from the manufacturer; Incra is no exception.  Incra has two different distributor programs I guess you can say one is for inventory distribution and the other is their “Zero Inventory Drop Ship Program.” The latter, consists of their more expensive and heavier products; these are the Router Tables and Table Saw Combos, LS Positioners, Router Table Tops, etc which make sense to ship directly from the factory.

All of the products listed in our store are all from the Incra drop ship program which unfortunately means that our prices are going to have to increase effective October 1, 2011. However, since October 1 falls on a Saturday, we are going to give our customers the benefit of the doubt and not change our prices until Monday morning, October 3.

So, if you find yourself needing or wanting Incra products, now is definitely the time to snatch them up! This is the last month that you will be able to get every Incra product in our online store at our current pricing before the prices go up.

Shop our Incra store now!

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