CNC Router Machines Torque Wrench

CNC Router Kits Torque Wrench

CNC machines torque wrench
CNC router kits torque wrench

Torque Wrench – Southeast Tool SE200TH


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A torque wrench is absolutely indispensable to get the best out of your CNC router.  If you are too tight you risk damaging the machine and if you’re too loose you don’t get the precision you need.

Torque wrenches are precision measuring instruments. They don’t stay calibrated forever. Fluctuations in temperature, normal use, the occasional drop all affect the performance.

Torque wrenches also wear out.  Even when they’re made with the finest materials, as ours are, you still have the materials rubbing against each other and eventually that wear is going to show up.

If you have an old torque wrench or torque wrench that won’t stay calibrated anymore that torque wrench we offer is an excellent product. It is very precise and reasonably priced.

Check your current torque wrench and, if it needs replacing, buy one of these.

If you’re adding more CNC machines you might consider having a separate torque wrench at each machine. It is an extremely small investment and greatly increases the chances that the operator will use it each time they should.

Product Description

Torque Wrench – Southeast Tool SE200TH; 30-150 ft/lbs, 16.5 Length, 16mm round spigot.

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  1. Torque wrenches should be calibrated to ensure their accuracy. How often it should be calibrated depends on its use.

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