Now announcing, Incra Precision Woodworking Tools Now Available through Carbide Processors

Now announcing, Incra Precision Woodworking Tools Now Available through Carbide Processors

We are very pleased to announce that we have recently added a couple of products from Incra to our online store.  We are constantly looking for new product lines to add to our growing website and we currently have over 16,000 products available to our customers with more in the process of being added.

We contacted Incra about distributing for them about two months ago I would say.  Before we decided to add them to our vendor family, I needed to know all of the distributor information up front.  I have learned since being a part of the Carbide Processors’ team what exactly we are looking for in a new vendor.  Myself and Tom like to know all of the information and what is expected of us right off of the bat so that there are no surprises.  We have no problem abiding by the rules it’s just easier to do that when the rules are known by all parties involved.   Some vendors have strict advertising guidelines or even minimally advertised pricing programs in place which basically means our selling price cannot be below a certain amount.  For vendors with a MAP program in place, are prices are already as low as they can to give you all an everyday discount.  Incra is not one of those vendors which is great news because it gives us the opportunity to offer discounts on their products to our loyal customers when we want to.

All of the Incra items in our online store are not kept in our facility and will be drop shipped from Incra’s warehouse.  We don’t carry all of their products currently  but we do offer Incra router lifts, tables, table saw fencesLS Positioners, router tables, and more. As always, we strive to offer our customers the highest quality of tools at the best  prices and the best customer service.

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