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We love selling woodpeckers because they make tools that are overbuilt and overengineered. Woodpeckers tools are solid, solid, solid.

Woodpeckers Router Lift

Router lift from Woodpeckers

The precision router lifts are heavy so that they do not shake, shimmy or otherwise move in odd directions.

Because these router lifts are so solid, so well engineered and built you can very, very easily make adjustments as small as (0.002”) two thousandths of an inch.

Renée, our lovely and gracious e-commerce manager, has them on sale. She has selected the Porter Cable version but you could probably call her at 800-346-8274 and she would make a deal on another version if you asked nicely

Precision Router Lift – For Porter Cable – Woodpeckers PRL-V2-420 – PRL-V2 7518.

Standard Plate – 9-1/4 x 11-3/4 .

Manufactured entirely in the U.S.A by Woodpeckers.

This new router lift features the proven robust construction of the Precision Router Lift combined with the near instant elevation changes of the Quick Lift.

Another innovation is the micro-adjust thumb wheel. This improvement eliminates the need for a crank handle to make fine router bit height adjustments. When combined with the ability to make near instant coarse height adjustments, you’ll quickly discover just how easy table mounted routing can be.

With a newly designed spring-assist lift wrench, you can go from routing height to bit changing height in 2 seconds even when lifting the heaviest of routers.

Like Woodpeckers other router lifts, the PRL-V2 includes an adjustable reference scale.

Tool-less scale adjustments can be set to zero from any bit position then incremented to intervals as small as .002in.  One complete revolution equals 1/16in. in height change.

Woodpeckers top-of-the-line Aluminum router mounting plates,

**  eight easily accessible leveling screws

**  adjustable side plungers

**  solid brass starting pin

**  three Twist Lock rings

Includes 3 TWIST LOCK molded rings, spanner wrench, starting pin, and router mounting hardware.

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800 346-8274

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