Router Table Plate

A router table plate is an essential component of any router table top. It is the component of the router table top to which the router itself is attached, and is usually fashioned from a strong material that designed to support the weight of the router and to help respond against the force of the router when it is in use. There are a number of plates available on the market today, giving workers a plethora of choice in terms of selecting a product that suits their particular woodworking needs.

Many manufacturers design their plates so that they can’t be easily removed from one table and fitted to another by a different manufacturer. This is not a problem for those who tend to leave their router fixed to their routing table. However, for those who tend to remove their router on a regular basis, this may be an issue. For this reason, if you already own a table plate, but are looking at purchasing a router table, or vice-versa, you may wish to take careful measurements of your router table plate. This way you can be certain that the product in question will be able to be easily fitted to your router table.

Workers should also be aware of the role that the router table plate plays in working with a router lift, which allows the router to be lifted and lowered when working. The plate itself will also be raised and lowered along with the router, so it is essential to take into account the mechanisms of your router table as a whole when looking to fit new elements to it, or to make any changes or adjustments.

Some companies do manufacture universal router plates that are specifically designed to be able to fit all manner of router tables. This allows for far greater flexibility in terms of being able to fit a specific router plate to a variety of different tables. This also allows the worker more choice in being able to work with a table or router plate with which they feel comfortable. Universal plates for routers tend to comprise a router plate with a router cut-out that can be adjusted in size in order to fit the cut-out sizes of different router tables.

Last, workers should be careful in considering the materials from which their router plate is made. Those working with highly specific materials that require high attention to detail will be aware of the problems that deflection and uneven surfaces can cause. For this reason it is essential to ensure that the plate you are purchasing not only allows your router to remain flush on the table, as well as keeping it stable, but that it is made from a sturdy material that sits well with your router table top.

If you’re unsure about the size or type of plate that you will need to use with your router or table top, consult with an expert at Carbide Processors as doing so can help ensure that you make the correct decision in terms of the equipment you choose to purchase.

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