Wood Router Bits

So, you’ve decided to do a wood working project and now need a wood router bit to start on your project.  The wood router bits come in very handy when it comes to woodworking.  There are so many different ones to choose from and different jobs the wood routers perform.

How does one know which bits to use? There are so many different ones available it can be hard to choose the correct ones.  First, a router is a tool that is used to hollow out a piece of wood.  There are many different types of routers to perform different jobs.  Some wood routers are D handled or double knob handed, some have different speeds, soft that gradually speed up.  For these routers, there are wood router bits that perform different tasks.

The different kinds of bits for routers:

One kind of bit is the abrasive routers, which cut abrasive things such as fiberglass and tile.  The abrasive router bits sort of have a diamond pattern to it.

Architectural router bits are used to make wood look fancy, such as moldings.  One good example would be the detailed curves on a trim or baseboard.

Bowl and Tray wood router bits are used for routing wood that is solid for like serving trays or special plates and bowls.

Bull nose router bits are used to make the rounded edge on a piece of wood, such as a pretty decorative rounded edge on a table.

Chamfer router bits cut at an angle, making the wood smooth and angled on one side.  The cuts are usually 45 degrees.

Door lip bits create handles on a dresser or cabinet.  Doubled beaded router buts create the pretty bumps in moldings or the edge of a shelf, mainly used for decorative purposes.

Edge wood router bits create the fancy edging on certain furniture pieces, and can be used to soften corners.  Finger grip router bits are used in making the pull on drawers and can often create a pretty handle.  Floor wood routing bits are used to create the slots in wood flooring, the inlays and medallions.

Furniture molding router bits create the molding on various furniture which creates an elegant fancy touch to designs. Handrail bits are the bits that are used to create and detailing the pretty smooth handrails for stairs.  Joinery Router bits are great bits for making puzzle like pieces in wood. Keyhole router bits can be used to create slots in the shape of a keyhole.

Letter making bits are slender and very pointed.  They are used to engrave letters and numbers in signs.  MDF router bits are used to carve wood like in cabinets.

As you can see, there are many different kinds and styles of router bits.

How much do wood router bits cost?

These router bits can cost anywhere from 20.00 US dollars to 350.00 US dollars.  Pricing depends on the type and amount of bits purchased.  Some router bits come in a set.

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