Woodpeckers Router Table Package

Woodpeckers Router Table Package

Woodpeckers router table package

Woodpeckers router table package

There are thousands of reasons why you should buy woodpeckers wood router tables and other tools.

Here is a short story that explains just one of those reasons.

Yesterday we had an order for a couple of Woodpeckers flip stops.  Woodpeckers had been making them out of extrusions and they weren’t working very well. Due to the very nature of the metal, the aluminum tended to bind.

Woodpeckers spent several thousand dollars to have a precision plastic mold made. They now make the clamps out of plastic which works a great deal better.

The problem was that we didn’t know that and the customer didn’t know that.

We contacted Woodpeckers and Justin, the vice president, said that he would give us a set of the new plastic clamps free because the old aluminum flip stops weren’t available any more. We contacted our customer and told him that the aluminum flip stops were not available anymore. They had been replaced by superior plastic flip stops and that we would give him a set free if he wanted them.

The customer, who is a really nice guy as most woodworkers are, thought that was a pretty cool deal.

Now this is not a real big story. It is one guy, a few router accessories and not very many dollars. But we got an immediate response from the vice president with a very generous offer.

This is not at all unique. We carry Woodpeckers because the products are sensational and so is the customer service.

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  1. i think that it is everything a woodworker needs for making virtually any woodworking project.

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