How To Get Workers To Wear Safety Glasses

In 2008 the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 27,450 eye injuries occurred in 2008. In 3 out of 5 of those cases the workers were not wearing eye protection. That’s a pretty staggering number. It’s not surprising that most occurred in the construction, repair, and manufacturing fields.

Now, I know safety isn’t something that’s fun to talk about. It’s scary and frustrating and sometimes redundant. Most managers and construction/manufacturing blogs will tell you that safety gear itself works great, but it is difficult to make workers use it consistently. They’ll also almost always list the same reasons: the lenses fog up or are too scratched up, the glasses are uncomfortable, and, number one on the list, that the glasses look stupid.

Recently, on the Plastics Training and Technology Blog Andy Routsis wrote, “Safety glasses are not a matter of preference…they are a matter of safety. People would be wearing safety glasses while shopping, driving, and watching TV if they were fun, interesting, or fashionable.” Well, Andy, I have good news. There is a company making safety glasses fun, interesting, and fashionable.

Edge Eyewear designs safety glasses and safety sunglasses with sleek, modern lines that look more like fashionable designer glasses than the older, mad scientist look, as illustrated below.

Of course, they pass the American National Standards Institutes highest test for safety. They’re also designed to sit more comfortably. The frames are made of flexible material that adjusts to your face instead of the other way around. They have an anti-fog, anti-scratch coating to keep vision clear. Oh, also did I mention they look awesome? In other words, Edge Eyewear identified the reasons people might not be excited about wearing safety gear and fixed it.

Edge Eyewear was also the first to create a polarized safety lens. Though it will take longer, UV light can be just as dangerous as a projectile to the eyes. If you spend a long time working outside, or move between bright outdoor light and working inside, it is important to protect your eyes from UV and visible light as well as sparks and debris.

Instead of trying to convince workers to make due with a product they don’t like, Edge Eyewear performed a feat of manufacturing magic. They created cool safety gear.


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