Saw Blade for Cutting Plywood

You often get better results with plywood when you use tools, such as saw blades and router bits,  designed especially for plywood rather than tools deigned for wood.  

In the industrial world plywood is often considered as being highly different than wood.

One of the biggest differences between plywood and standard wood is the glue used in plywood.   Glue is sticky and gets very sticky as it gets warm.  If you are making many cuts, or trying to feed the plywood at a faster rate then the saw blade can get warm and cuase the glue to become more tacky or sticky.  This not only negatively affects the quality of the cut, but can create a more dangerous work environment for the operator as the material has an increased chance of sticking to the saw blade.  Using a saw blade or router bit that is meant for cutting plywood can ensure the operators safety, and can produce higher quality cuts on the workpiece.

Plywood uses a glue that may contain materials to extend it or stretch it out.  So you have the actual glue and then you have something added to it that is usually particulate and abrasive.  This is added to make the glue spread further and save money.  The additives are sometimes a clay material that contain tiny rocks wich will wear the saw blade more quickly.  Plywood cutting Saw Blades Use a special type of carbide tip that will last longer for pylwood cutting applications. 

Another difference between plywood and wood is that plywood has the grains going opposite directions. Thus you are always cutting both with the grain against the grain.  

Plywood is made of very, very thin sheets of material and thus more prone to splintering than solid wood.  If you have ever been in a plywood plant you will see that the plies require very careful handling or they will split apart on their own.  Plywood is a very heavily processed material. The plies are made of wood that has been peeled from the log and this creates certain stresses and tears in the materials.  The materials are further compressed and stressed during the assembly.  Using a plywood cutting saw blade, you can greatly reduce the chances of splintering the wood and increase the quality of your cuts.

There are many Saw blades for cutting plywood that are specially designed to counter these differences.  Using a saw blade that is specially designed for cutting plywood can not only create better cuts and a safer user experience, but save time and material.

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