Insulating Firebrick

Insulating firebrick is one of the more common materials used in the linings of fireplaces, kilns, furnaces and other areas where the temperature gets extremely high. Firebrick is created to be able to withstand extreme temperatures. However, it is also created with a low thermal conductivity so it also helps save energy. Here are some things that you may be interested to know about this amazing product.

The main product used in the manufacturing of insulating firebrick is fire clay. This is the type of clay that is also used to make ceramics. Fire clay is resistant to extreme temperatures. In fact, it can stand up to temperatures of more than 1,600 Celsius. That is why it is used in various tools used with fire as well as various forms of pottery and other materials. At this temperature, some types of ceramic begin to melt.

Fire clay is made up of aluminum oxides combined with silicon with minor concentrations of calcium oxides, sodium and potassium. Firebricks typically have about 30 or 40 percent aluminum oxide in their composition with about half of the composition being made up of silica, or silicon dioxide. Other materials are also used, including chamotte, which is made from 40 percent alumina, 30 percent silica, 4 percent iron oxide and 2 percent of magnesium oxide and calcium oxide combined. For lower temperatures, such as furnaces, a firebrick material made with magnesium oxide is used.

Fire clay can be found in nature as a natural resource. If you tried looking for it, it would be best to look for a sticky mud that is found under the level of top soil. It is a lighter color and feels much like play dough when it is wet. When it dries out, fire clay shrinks by between 10 and 15 percent. Fire clay is characterized by being able to flatten out the clay into long strips. Use a sharp instrument to make a couple marks in the substance. Measure the distance between the marks and make a note of that distance. From there, leave the clay to dry for a few hours. Come back and measure how much it has shrunk by measuring the new distance between the marks and comparing it to the distance between them before it was dried.

Whether you are planning to build a furnace, a kiln, a pizza oven or anything else that uses extreme heat repeatedly, these firebricks will help keep the heat where it is supposed to be. Shop the various brands and types of firebricks and find the ones that will fit your needs the best.

Quality firebrick products are manufactured by several different companies. The LivingBond brand of firebricks is a popular brand and it is manufactured by an experienced staff at competitive prices. LivingBond has a reputation for producing quality insulating firebrick because the company uses brand name materials and a trained staff that produces the materials. Other brands are also available which offer quality and affordability in one.

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