Pallet Recycling Saw Blades

Finding just the right blade can be a difficult task. An even harder mission however, is finding a mighty tough blade that can continuously handle major cutting jobs. Those in the pallet recycling industry have dealt with this problem for quite some time and understand just how hard the search for a tough blade can be.

In the pallet recycling industry, recyclers are faced with the challenge of cutting wood that contains nails and nail stubble.  As we know, most saw blades are not made to put up with this type of abuse.  Thankfully, we now have a solution.

Our friends at Popular Tools have just introduced a new amazing line of pallet recycling saw blades, or simply put– Nail Cutting saw blades. These highly tough blades are specifically designed for the pallet recycling industry.  For instance, the pallet recycling blades have been made with impact resistant carbide and a heavy, rigid flat plate that holds a tolerance of .002”. The special impact resistant carbide used to make these blades allows them to stand up well in the demolition of pallets.

These pallet recycling blades are beyond doubt a great investment.  Popular Tools has specially manufactured this new line of pallet recycling blades to take a tremendous beating and handle a countless number of uses. Because of the high quality of these blades and their astounding ability to withstand abuse, these strong and sturdy blades are a wise investment.

Under proper maintenance, these blades can be sharpened and will last a very long time.

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