Saw Blade Face Grinding

Sawblade face grinding

saw blade face grinding

Saw Blade Face Grinding

The face of the saw tip is the part of the saw tip that faces into the cut. The red arrow points to the face of the tip and not to the side.

A good sharpener will try to sharpen your saw blade by taking off as little carbide as possible so that you get the maximum number of sharpenings out of any saw blade.

If you have your saw blade sharpened regularly this can usually be done by just taking a little bit off the face of the tip. Occasionally it may be necessary to take a little bit off the top of the tip which is called top grinding.  When they top grind a tip, they should adjust the steel shoulder behind the carbide tip.

If you have let your saw run too long they may have to face, top and side grinder the tip to bring it back to sharp.  If the edges are badly worn it may be the best thing for the tip to take equal amounts off of two dimensions instead of taking a lot more off of the single dimension.

There are two considerations here. First, is getting the maximum number of sharpenings. Second, is restoring the saw to as near original condition as possible.

A saw tip has four or five angles to it. These angles are carefully calculated and carefully ground in. As the saws wear and you remove material you will change the relationship of the various angles and thus change the performance of the saw.

This explanation is horribly simple and does not do justice to a very important discussion but at least it gives some idea of the complexity.

Before you let anybody sharpen your saws you might ask them what they’re going to do and why they’re going to do it which would give you some idea of just how good they are.

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