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There are many places that you can find saw blades for sale. A home improvement store is the first one that come to mind. But if you are looking for a specialty blade, an online dealer offers alternatives unavailable at the mass-market big discount store. Add to this the knowledgeable staff at an online retailer who deals with these tools all the time, not just when someone walks down the aisle, and the online retailer has the upper hand.

The varieties of saw blades are numerous. In general terms, the more teeth on a saw blade, the smoother the finished cut. For example, a saw blade that is recommended for plywood has over 100 teeth – many of these blades have 180 teeth. Plywood is made by gluing together a number of thin veneers or plies of softwood or hardwood. Because of the way plywood is manufactured, it will splinter, in some cases, large pieces will strip out of the veneer because of the glued sections inside the core. By using a saw blade with tight teeth, the plywood cuts through without jamming leaving a very smooth edge, without the risk of uneven, jagged edges making the piece useless for your project. The goal of plywood saw blades is to provide a smooth edge on the piece of wood that you are working.

In cabinet-making, it might be necessary to go to a lumber source that has the higher-end carbide-tipped saw blades for sale. When performing the cuts needed to make a good quality cabinet, you cannot save money in buying a cheaper saw blade. In working with an expensive wood on a custom cabinet for a client in cherry, for example, saving money on the saw blade can end up costing you a lot more in wasted wood.

Depending on the project, a rough edge might not matter very much. In this case, a ripping blade or a combination blade will do the job well. Very versatile blades, these are used when the task at hand is simply to cut a piece down to size for use without a well-finished edge. These combination or ripping saw blades for sale can be bought at your nearest home improvement store. You will notice that the price for one of these blades is lower than many others. This is because they are sometimes treated as a ‘throwaway’ blade, the smooth cut is not a necessity; the blade is used until it won’t do the job anymore because it is too dull. Many times, these are the types of blades on table saws at construction sites where they are cutting two by four studs to frame walls. Although the cut needs to be accurate, it does not need to be particularly smooth.

If you choose an expensive blade, bear in mind that they can be sharpened when they become dull. This is an opportunity to keep a very expensive blade in service for a long time. The end result is always best when the proper tools are used.

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