Saw Blades with Advanced Materials

Making Advanced Material Saw Blades

Cermet 2® saw tips now used in over 100 locations.

Cermet 2® saw tips give 4 – 6 times the life of carbide and are tougher than welded tips.

Cermet 2® uses an alloy binder similar to Stellite®, Talonite® and similar so corrosion is just not an issue in tip wear.

In addition to the non-corroding binder they are also 85 to 95% tough ceramic nano – particles similar to ceramics being used in tank armor.

Cermet 2® is a grade specifically designed to replace carbide.  It brazes and grinds like carbide but has much better performance properties.  The original cermet grades used for wood cutting were steel cutting grades that were very hard to grind, needed to be honed and were prone to fracture.

As part of the advanced manufacturing processes used in Cermet 2 the tips are 100 % usable without the chipped, cracked and odd sized tips common with carbide.

Cermet 2 tips are 100% brazeable with zero tip loss.   A good operator can tip a saw with Cermet 2 tips much faster than an automatic Stellite© tipper.  Since the tips last 4 – 6 times as long, saw changes are cut by 2/3rds to 3/4ths which gives the filing room more time to properly maintain the saws.

The same nano-technology that makes flat screen TV’s and mini cell phones is now being used to make long life saw tips.   The extremely small particles pack into a much more consistent matrix than is possible with tungsten carbide.  Combined with advanced chemistry and manufacturing techniques they give a material tougher than C-1 that also has abut 5 times the wear life of C-4.  In actual saw mill use they have replaced welded tipping alloy because the Cermet 2® will cut though 12 penny nails without any damage or deformation.

Nano-technology means that the particles are measured in billionths of an inch while ordinary carbide grades are measured in millionths of an inch.  The difference is roughly equivalent to that of BB’s and golf balls.   These ultra fine particles tend to arrange themselves in a very regular, high strength structure.   Part of the reason for the greatly increased performance of Cermet 2 is that they just do not and actually cannot form the internal voids, cracks, binder pools and lakes of ordinary carbide.

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