Silky Saws are here!

We are happy to announce that we have just added a new line of hand saws… Silky Saws!

We pride ourselves on the fact that we only sell tools on our site that the boss himself either owns or really wants to own.  Silky Saw is no exception.  Silky Saw manufactures hand saws for pruning, clearing vegitation and even woodworking.  They have a great line of folding hand saws and are unmatched in quality for this line of products.  If you have never heard of Silky Saws before, then allow me to give you a little background.

Silky Saws are a world leader in the manufacturing of hand saws.  They use only premium quality Japanese Steel, and are the #1 prefered hand saw in the world.  Silky combines top quality raw materials, superior craftsmanship, and close to 100 years of hand saw technology to create a truly superior product. 

How are Silky Saws different?

Silky Saws have a taper ground blade to minimize friction while maintaining maximum rigidity and uses 4-Retsume and Mirai-Me technology to maximize cutting speed.

Silky uses impluse hardening technology to give their hand saws the longest blade life without sacrificing blade flexability.  This ensures that the saws are never brittle.  They also feature chrome hardened blades to minimize corrosion, resist resins, and reduce friction so that every Silky blade produces the smoothest cuts.

Silky saws offer a variety of hand saws for many different applications.  The Silky Pocket boy is great for camping or keeping in the toolbox.  Thier most popular saw, the Gomboy, is perfect for many different applications from camping, building, woodworking, and yardwork.  They also offer a selection of pruning saws and pole saws. 

How do you get your hands on a Silky Saw?  We are now very happy to say that we can help you with that.  visit our store at:

Or give us a call: 800-346-8274

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