Teflon and Plastic Coatings on Saw Blades

Teflon Coatings

Teflon and other plastic coatings have a certain following and the number one rule in tools is that a good tool is one the user likes.

Personally I chose not to sell coated blades for several reasons.

1.  I am not sure they add any value although they do add to the cost.

2.  The Teflon coating makes the blades slicker and prevents heat buildup. However the side of the saw blade should not come into contact with the material being cut anyway.

3.  In order to properly service the saw blade the Teflon coating has to be removed. You cannot properly inspect a saw blade for flatness and tension with the Teflon coating on. This means as soon as the customer has the blade sharpened they lose the coating and whatever benefit it conferred.

4.  The Teflon coating can hide flaws in the saw blade that would otherwise be apparent. This may or may not happen but it is really nice to be able to inspect the saw blade properly.

The general consensus in the industrial segment of the industry is that the Teflon coating doesn’t add anything to a really well-made blade. This is in a particular segment of the industry. The number one rule in tool quality is that the real test of quality for a tool is what the user thinks. So if you are using a coated saw blade and think that it is great then you are absolutely right. However you may be able to save a little money with a saw blade that is not Teflon coated but is just really well-made.

The whole issue of flatness, concentricity, runout, tension and similar gets pretty complicated. We have articles about them on our website.  We also have Lowell Freeborn’s book, The Carbide Saw Manual, free online or you can buy a bound copy through Cafépress

Note: The Freeborn book is in the process of being uploaded.  More is coming.

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