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Tenryu is a great reliable brand of saw blades.  Known around the world for its great quality saw blades.  They have created more than 3,000 different types of carbide tip blades that are used for a variety of sawing jobs.  Jobs Tenryu blades are used for include metalworking, cutting plastic, woodworking, and machining of different kinds of material.

Why use a high quality blade? Blades that have fantastic reviews on their blades, and are known around the world for its quality will make your job easier.  The Tenryu company uses high tech techniques with the old-school craft to create a great design and working saw blade.

When creating a blade, this company engages in careful planning and consideration on the use of the blade.   Each blade is carefully planned and created and made with fine quality steel to ensure a stronger, longer lasting blade.

Another fantastic reason to use a Tenryu product is that the manufacturer offers a factory warranty and guarantee on all of their fine quality cutting blade products.

How to choose the right blade for the job at hand?

How does a person choose the right blade for the job?  There are many things to consider before purchasing a blade of any type or quality.  First what will the  blade be used for?  Will it be used for harder materials, wood, metals, or plastics?

If you are going to use the blade for a hard material such as iron, car material, and other hard-core metals, then the TSD (Tenryu Super Diamond) Cutoff Blades TSD-305D would be the appropriate blade to use.  It cuts through irons, steel, other metals, car parts, and more and does so quickly and efficiently.

If you want to use Tenryu blades that are quieter than the usual blades, then the Tenryu Silencer Series Saw Blades is the right blade.  It is blade plate is covered with PTFE, and reduces the amount of vibration, making the Tenryu blade quieter.

When cutting and sawing through wood, one good  blade to use is the Tenryu Pro series which is specially made to cut through wood.

Some other things to consider when choosing and purchasing a blade is the amount of experience a person has who will be handling the saw, how quickly the saw blade works, how clean of a cut the a saw operator desires, and budget.

Budget for a purchasing saw blades

When choosing Tenryu blades, a budget is important.  Expect to spend between 40 US dollars to 200 US dollars.  Pricing depends on the blade, the features of the blade, how many blades and so forth.

Where is a good place to purchase a quality blade? A great place to purchase a Tenryu product is online.

Visit Carbide Processors online and allow us to help you select the right tool for your project.


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