Tenryu Diamond Blade

A Tenyru Diamond Blade will save you money and give you flawless results.

Diamonds are the toughest mineral substance on the planet, and nothing says durability like a Tenryu cutting blade. Other blades will dull and wear out quickly, but because of the skilled manufacturing of these diamond blades, you will be spending your money on something that lasts. Tenryu is the only company that makes diamond and carbide tipped blades. Making blades since 1910, this Japanese based company is sure to deliver nothing but the best product for your project.

We offer many variations of the Tenryu blades ranging from blades for fiber cement to diamond grit saw blades. Although a diamond blade will cost more than a blade consisting of another material, the amount of time that it takes to finish a project is significantly less, and you will not have to replace your tools nearly as often as you would with different based material blades. Strong blades are something that is absolutely necessary when it comes to tough and demanding jobs.

Perfection and attention to design is something that is of importance to the designers of these quality cutting tools. They carefully calculate the types of material that will need to be cut and the types of machinery that is available to cut with. Because of this great attention to detail, only the finest quality blades come out the production lines. They create their products with old-fashioned workmanship and top of the line scientific techniques to make sure that their customers are getting the product they deserve.

When you purchase your Tenryu Diamond Blade at Carbide Processors you can be assured that you are getting exactly what you want. We sell only the top of the line tools that are trusted by the Carbide Processor team.

When people want to count on a job done well with blade they look no further then Tenryu products. Not only does their reputation speak for itself but the fact that Carbide Processors is willing sell them, means that they are nothing but the best.

We will be happy to sell you a Tenryu blade for your project or any other tool that you need. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee you can be sure that you are getting the products you need for the price you want.

Visit us online at Carbide Processors, we will be happy to assist you!


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