The Discontinuation of SystiMatic saw blades

Tenryu Miter Pro Saw Blade

The Discontinuation of SystiMatic Saw Blades

As you may have heard by now, SystiMatic saw blades are being discontinued.  Simonds International, our vendor for SystiMatic saw blades, has made the decision to discontinue the SystiMatic brand after acquiring the saw blade company around 1988-99.

SystiMatic has been rated a “top value” from Wood magazine and has been a favorite of serious users for many years.  These are heavy duty blades designed to cut beautifully;  They are a solid, flat blade so they are easy to repair, re-flatten and re-tension.   The tips are extra thick which makes them harder to break and allows for extra sharpening.  SystiMatic blades are mostly seen in industry but have an excellent reputation with home users.

At Carbide Processors, we went ahead and already removed SystiMatic saw blades from our online store.  In case you wonder why you no longer found any of their saw blades on our website, that is why. An alternative to SystiMatic that we are continuing to sell is Tenryu saw blades.  Tenryu manufactures incredible saw blades.  Our engineering department considers them the finest production, mass market blades made.    The Tenryu MP-255880AB Miter Pro, miter blade plus saw blade has been rated a Bestcovery Best Pick, an online review and ranking company. We have tested these in small and large cabinet shops and they are far and away preferred and will make a great alternative to the departure of SystiMatic.

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