Why You Need A Digital Microscope

Why You Need A Digital Microscope

Comparison of two USB microscopes

Dino-Lite vs. ProScope

Here are two digital microscopes. On the left is the ProScope.   In this one you change the white cones to change the magnification.  On the right is the Dino-Lite.  The Dino-Lite comes with a lens attached and you move the wheel on the side to increase the magnification.

The ProScope set up, as shown above with an extra lens, is about $400 and the Dino-Lite was about $150.  I’ve been using the ProScope successfully for years and just got the Dino-Lite but I like the Dino-Like much better.  You don’t see quite as much area but it is much easier to use and considerably less money.

Below is a simple, easy report illustrating what you really need a small, simple microscope like this if you make tools. The simple analysis will help the company make much better blades and save them money.

There is a wide variety all over the Internet.  Many under $100.

Too much pressure when brazing

Too much pressure when brazing

Saw Blade Analysis

Tell Taiwan that they are using too much pressure when they seat the saw tips.  The red line in these pictures is the copper shim.  It is too close to the carbide. There should be a gap of maybe 0.001.5 to 0.002” between the red copper and the tungsten carbide.

This would make for a stronger blade with more impact resistance which would be especially important in cutting man-made materials such as Melamine.

Note also that using this much pressure forces braze alloy out of the joint and shortens diamond wheel life.  Grinding through braze alloy is hard on diamond wheels.

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